Pods - Glamping
Pods - Glamping
Pods - Glamping
Pods - Glamping
Pods - Glamping
Pods - Glamping
Pods - Glamping

Pods - Glamping

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Our Pods are an absolute novelty for trying a special open-air holiday and Glamping.
Thanks to their innovative design, they want to be an evolution of the traditional tent. They offer you a lot advantages like: you do not need to set up your tent, they are quieter and you can sleep more in the morning thanks to the blackout curtains.
They are equipped with soft beds, electricity and air conditioning.
The Pods do not have toilets inside so you have to use those of the campsite that are about 30m away with free hot showers. Bed linen is included but it is necessary to bring your own bathroom linen. The parking is included in the price and it is guarded. You can also access the pool and use all the camping facilities.
Final cleaning is included.


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Available services

Electricity Electricity
Fridge - Freezer Fridge - Freezer
Air Conditioning Air Conditioning
Heating Heating
Free Wi-fi Free Wi-fi

Camping Map

  • A - Direzione / Direction / Direktion / Direction
    9:00 / 12:00 - 16:00 / 19:30
  • B - Bar / Ristorante / Pizzeria
    8:00 / 23:00
  • C - Zona Piscina / Swimming Pool / Schwimmbad / Piscine
    9:30 / 13:30 - 16:00 / 19:30
  • D - Parco Giochi / Play Ground / Vergnugungspark / Parc de Jeux
  • E - Servizi / WC / Toilette / Toilet
  • F - Lavatrici / Washing Machines / Waschmaschine / Machines a Lave
  • G - Camper Service
  • H - Ping Pong
  • Infermeria / First Aid
  • Servizi Disabili / Handcap WC
  • Raccolta differenziata Rifiuti / Diversified Garbage Box
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Camping Map

Camping Map

Camping Rules

  1. The prices below are per night, and the place should be free at 12 a.m. otherwise you should pay for the next night
  2. This price included; warm water, the swimming pool and the electricity.
  3. Any guest wuold be allowed according to the direction and they should pay the daily tariff.
  4. Before occupying any camp or caravan site any guest must obtain the permission of the direction and to be registred.
  5. The choose of the camp or caravan site is taken in according to the direction in the place occupied by the guests it's not allowed to introduce any other thung expect for theri own Tent or Caravan.
  6. It's forbidden to dig up and to disturb anywaythe others guests of the camping
  7. We recommend you to leave always the walk free.
  8. Animals are accepted in the camping only with the permission of the direction, anyway they are allowed under conditions.
  9. You can have barbecue, but you must be careful to trees or green and without disturbing any guests.
  10. The rubbers must be left in the bins, everyone should be kept your place clean. Guests are responsible for their own property. The direction declines all responsibility for all the object.
  11. The exception of those objects for which a regular receipt has been issued
  12. From 2.00 p.m. to 4 p.m. and from 23.00 at 8.00 silence must be observed. During the day noise should be kept at a reasonable levels. Televisions are allowed only if the volume is kept very low.
  13. The electric sockets are fol lights and refrigerators only, the authorization of the direction must be obtain before using them. All plugs must be properly earhed.
  14. The direction reserves the right to expel any guests who disregard the above rules or who behave in any way that is likely to disturb other guests.

Other accommodations available

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